After your order

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I received the wrong book.

If you received your order and believe the wrong book was sent, then:

1. Did you shop by course when ordering? Online bookstore requirements are submitted by your school, so if you decided to shop by search instead of using the shop by course function, the item you ordered may not be correct.

2. Verify the 13 digit ISBN number on the back cover (or in the barcode). If it matches the ISBN you ordered, then you should be all set. If it differs please reach out to customer service and let them know the ISBN received versus the ISBN on your order. We can assist with replacement requests and providing a return label.

3. Verify course requirement. If you believe the course requirement listing online was incorrect, first, reach out to your instructor to verify. If the requirement differs, get that information, and reach out to a rep. Once we have that info we can update the online requirement and assist with the returning for a refund, so the correct item can be ordered.